Booking Info

Number of Players Per Game

Maximum number of players range from 6 to 10 people, depending on the room. If you have more players, please contact us for assistance. We gladly host events for bigger groups and special occasions.
call:          206-717-5280


We offer free 2-hour parking behind the building:
* weekdays - after 6pm
* weekends - all day

Additionally, there are plenty of metered parking nearby and several paid parking lots.

Payment Method

Games are $30 per person. We accept all major credit cards and accept payments online, as part of your reservation.


Entrance into our facilities is in the back of the building, off the alley.

Please arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled time.

Why you should play in adventure rooms?

Adventure rooms have started to go up against their very own life in urban areas throughout the world. A large number of adventure room Seattle games have opened in recent years and it isn’t difficult to perceive any reason why such a significant number of run to these activities every day. Escape rooms not just speak to a sound distraction from the regular tension and stress of work, yet they likewise offer extra advantages that can enhance your work environment. Here are five advantages to playing live escape games.

Enhance Creativity

Adventure room game offer groups a chance to inventively utilize their critical thinking abilities. Challenging yourself as well as other people to think outside about the crate has a large group of advantages that can progress into different everyday issues. One reason that imaginative organizations such as Google empower live escape games and play is on the grounds that it gives a break from normal routines, which can build thought age.

Encourage Collaboration

Indeed, even in settings where collaboration is already in real life, encouraging teamwork in a new setting can animate correspondence and thought union aptitudes. Infusing a new arrangement of issues in a novel situation can break the routine of workers just collaborating with their very own departments. Adventure room Seattle games offer a chance to blend and match groups crosswise over divisions, challenging them to work proficiently with new individuals.

Reduce Stress

Recent researches have shown that consistent business in the working environment is a main source of pressure, which really lessens efficiency. At the end of the day, steady task completion doesn’t really enhance the efficiency of the organization all in all. Taking a break and taking part in play decreases pressure, expands the capacity to focus as well as could increase the productivity.

Make New Friends

Enterprises have started to understand the significance of activities that unite representatives. Adventure rooms take a group of individuals to tackle in the assigned measure of time. The fun of adventure rooms isn’t just needy upon one individual, yet functioning as a group for a shared objective. Despite the fact that organizations and organizations the world over have begun using these activities for group building openings, as a general rule, the demonstration of playing the escape room game can enable colleagues to end up companions outside of work.

Build Empathy

The group that battles together remains together. Confronting and defeating difficulties as group helps build sympathy. While triumphs are vital, battling as well as even failing together can be similarly significant, as it allows colleagues to express responsiveness, compassion, and appreciation, which can continue into challenging working environment circumstances.

Increase Motivation

Physical development and critical thinking in live escape room games can trigger brain to discharge dopamine. Dopamine triggers human brain to experience delight, as well as basic for more motivation. Moreover, creating an example of battle to progress makes a positive implication, preparing the cerebrum to boost future accomplishments.