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The Experiment

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Back in 19th century there was a scientist experimenting with sound. However, he went missing under mysterious circumstances and all his work was lost in time. After years of searching, your team has finally uncovered the location of his long forgotten science laboratory.

What was he working on? What is this “Experiment” that is referenced in his notes? Can your team figure it out? Search for clues, solve puzzles, discover hidden things… do whatever it takes!

Keep in mind – you will need to perform an actual science experiment!

Success rate: approximately 30%
Number of players: min 2, max 6

Q:   Any specific knowledge required for this game?
A:   No. Everything that you need to escape is provided.

Q: I am not very good at science. Will that be a problem?
A:  Not at all! We designed this room to be fun for both Ph.D.s and kids alike.

Q:   Will we be paired with strangers?
A:   No, all games are private (no strangers).

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